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Dr. Geoffrey Clements


"THE BEST GOVERNMENT IS NATURE'S GOVERNMENT - Natural Law - which governs our universe with perfect order and without a problem. Natural Law governs all life, from the galaxies to the solar system to our planet Earth; and certainly our own lives are governed by Natural Law. The Natural Law Party has the knowledge to bring the support of Natural Law to every individual and the whole of the United Kingdom. Our national life will be in harmony with Natural Law, and everyone will enjoy peace, happiness and prosperity. We have the scientific knowledge to create a government as efficient and nourishing as the government of Nature."

A turning point in politics and government

Today we stand at a turning point in politics and government. A growing number of people are realising that government is not serving us well, and that the political ideas on which government is run are outdated. It is clear that the traditional political philosophies of Left and Right are no longer relevant in the affairs of running a country.

There is an urgent need for this vacuum to be filled. For the sake of the future of our nation, this void must be filled with a new approach that is both intelligent and effective.

This change in the political mood of the country was expressed by Lord Rees-Mogg, a leading political commentator, in the following words: "This is probably going to be one of the elections that reveals a shift of consciousness in British politics." (The Times, 20 March 1997)

Even the most committed supporters of the traditional parties are now realising that these parties have no fresh practical ideas to achieve results. If governments run by the old political parties have not fulfilled their electoral promises in the past, why should they be able to do so now?

An urgent need for new principles of government

There is an urgent need for new principles in the field of government, so that the fields of politics and government can be transformed from their present tarnished state into something worthy of governing the country.

Government is there to govern, to move life forward, to solve problems, to create progress. However, government cannot do this unless it has the intelligence and knowledge to do so. The incapacity of government today results from the completely inadequate knowledge on which it is based.

It is naive to imagine that the same old approach can bring fulfilment to the nation. How can the knowledge and policies that have contributed to the growth of so many problems suddenly solve them? Yet this is what the electorate is expected to believe, election after election.

Government is not fit to govern if it cannot solve problems

Government has the authority to create laws and administer the nation. It should be self-sufficient to promote and create the well-being and progress of everyone.

If the government claims that it has insufficient resources to fulfil its pledges, it is not a proper government, it is not a successful government. In this country, the government is spending 300 billion every year (43% of our collective earnings), the national debt is at an unprecedented level (380 billion), and yet the government is still unable to solve the problems that beset national life.

Recent reports show that runaway growth in the health and social security budgets (two of the largest areas of public expenditure) will mean that the next government is almost certain to overshoot its public-spending targets. In virtually every department of government the picture is the same.

This situation is clearly absurd. No other organisation would be allowed to continue in this fashion; it would have been declared bankrupt many years ago. This is precisely what government is: it is bankrupt, and this bankruptcy arises from a bankruptcy of knowledge.

Only a new seed will yield a new crop

Only by basing government on new knowledge can we rise out of this unfortunate situation. This is why the Natural Law Party was formed - to bring reliable and more comprehensive knowledge into the field of government.

Nature's Government - the perfect government

Everything in the universe is already administered by Natural Law. There is a natural hierarchy in the administration of the universe, from the universe as a whole, to our galaxy and solar system, to our planet Earth.

This hierarchy in Nature's administration results in perfect integration and harmony in the functioning of all parts of the cosmos. What has been lacking so far is the application of this principle in national and local government, as well as in international affairs.

Complete knowledge of Natural Law is now available

The knowledge of Natural Law now available is complete enough to create a system of administration based on Natural Law and to structure a government that utilises the same infinite organising power of Nature that is already silently administering the entire universe without a problem.

Modern science has revealed that all the innumerable Laws of Nature that govern the infinite diversity making up our universe have their source in the Unified Field, a field of pure, infinite intelligence. The theories of modern physics have revealed the existence of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, and, as these theories continue to evolve, they unveil more and more knowledge about the qualities of this field of pure intelligence.

Modern science deals with the physical world as co-ordinated by the Laws of Nature. The ancient knowledge of Vedic Science (recently brought to light in a complete form by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi), deals not only with the physical world, but also with the basis of the physical world in the field of intelligence or consciousness. Through Maharishi's Vedic Science, complete knowledge of Natural Law is available, with the procedures to enliven Natural Law in every field of life. Maharishi's Vedic Science reveals that the field of infinite intelligence that modern science has discovered as the Unified Field resides within everyone in their own consciousness. Maharishi's Vedic Science thus integrates the objective and subjective means of gaining knowledge.

When individual consciousness is fully developed, individual intelligence becomes aligned with the infinite intelligence of Nature. Fully awake consciousness results in individual thought and action fully in accord with Natural Law. Similarly, when collective consciousness is coherent and awake, the life of the nation grows to be in tune with Natural Law.

Maharishi's Vedic Science identifies 40 fundamental values of Natural Law, or modes of Nature's intelligence. A key discovery recently made in the understanding of human physiology has revealed that these 40 basic aspects of Natural Law can be precisely located in the structure and functioning of the human physiology. This discovery explains how it is possible on the physical level for human activity to be fully in tune with Natural Law. (See the section on Health.)

Time for a transformation of knowledge

The approach of modern science has led to a fragmented method of using the Laws of Nature. Specific Laws of Nature are used to produce specific effects, without taking into account the totality of Nature, and thus ignoring the cascade of other, often undesirable, effects that might be created. This fragmented approach has led to innumerable hazards in medicine, agriculture and food, industry, the environment, and indeed in all areas of modern life.

In contrast, the holistic approach of Maharishi's Vedic Science always upholds the totality of Natural Law at the same time as dealing with the specific Laws of Nature.

It is time for a transformation of knowledge itself. It is not just that the modern scientific approach is incomplete: it has even become enshrined in law. This occurred before its damage and dangers became evident, and yet the law of the land still defends technologies based on the limited approach of modern science (in the fields of medicine, agriculture and defence for example), even when better and more comprehensive alternatives are known. The programmes of the Natural Law Party are based on the complete holistic knowledge of Natural Law.

Government is the innocent mirror of the national consciousness

The success of government depends on the level of creativity, dynamism and coherence in the nation. The government is an innocent mirror of the collective consciousness of the nation. If the nation is not strong and integrated, no government policy, no matter how wise or how well conceived, will be able to generate progress and success.

Until now, this important element has been missing from the functioning of government, and, as a result, government has continued to be beset by problems. This is why governments have continued to perform with lack of efficiency and effectiveness and have not succeeded in fulfilling their responsibilities to the nation.

Natural Law and the Constitution of the Universe

An examination of the qualities of the Unified Field reveals it to be the "Constitution of the Universe" - the home of all the Laws of Nature that govern everything in the cosmos. (See section entitled Constitution of the Universe). Enlivening this field of infinite intelligence in individual and collective consciousness means that this governing intelligence of Nature is available in our lives, individually and collectively.

Creating coherence in national consciousness -
one fundamental solution to all problems in the nation

The Natural Law Party therefore regards the enlivenment of the Unified Field of Natural Law in the national consciousness as a priority, in order to create a coherent, positive and integrated nation. The first action of a Natural Law Party government will be to implement a reliable and tested technology to create this effect in national consciousness. This technology, which has been examined rigorously by scientific research, involves setting up a group of experts in Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme, including Yogic Flying. The creation of such a group is easy to accomplish, and the results are reliable and profound.

A group of experts in Yogic Flying will have an immediate and lasting effect in the life of the nation. Life will grow to be in tune with Natural Law, success will become the hallmark of the nation, and effective solutions will be found to the deep and intractable problems that we currently face in all areas of life.

Such a group of experts in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme has therefore been termed "A Group for a Government". A group of 7,000 experts in this coherence-creating technology will make government really competent to improve every aspect of the life of the nation.

Demonstration project in Washington, D.C., validating
the effectiveness of the Group for a Government technology

In 1993, the effectiveness of the coherence-creating technology of a group of experts in Yogic Flying was demonstrated in Washington, D.C., in the USA, which is appropriately known as the "crime capital of America".

4,000 experts in Yogic Flying assembled in Washington, D.C., over a period of two months. The influence of positivity and coherence that they created was sufficiently strong to reduce violent crime by 20% from predicted trends and reverse the declining fortunes of Congress and President Clinton. After the project finished, crime rose and conflict and dissension again overtook the American government.

This demonstration project replicated the results of 40 previous studies, including another in Washington, D.C., in the 1980s. It is interesting to note that despite the overwhelming scientific evidence, which was scrutinised by an independent panel of scientists, both the local Washington government and the USA federal government ignored these findings. As a consequence, they continue to struggle with a rising crime rate and problems in national government.

British study confirms this effective method of reducing crime

A study published in 1996 in a leading British crime journal, Psychology, Crime and Law (1996, vol 2:3, pages 165-174), has given a firm confirmation of just how effective a group of experts in Yogic Flying is in reducing crime and negativity. This study shows that in 1988 the crime rate in Merseyside was significantly reduced compared to 1987 and previous years, as a result of a group of people in nearby Skelmersdale and others in Liverpool engaged in the daily practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme, including Yogic Flying.

In each of the subsequent years between 1989 to 1993, Merseyside crime trends were significantly better than the national crime rate.

In 1987 Merseyside had the third highest crime rate of all 11 metropolitan areas in England and Wales; in 1993, by the end of the study, it had the lowest crime rate of all the metropolitan areas. Overall, during the six-year period of the study, crime in Merseyside fell by 15% while crime in the rest of the country rose by 45%. This represents a 60% relative drop in crime.

This study was the first of its kind to be conducted on crime trends in Great Britain. The powerful statistical technique of time series analysis, which was used in the study, clearly showed that the dramatic relative reduction in crime rate was not due to other factors, including unemployment, policing methods, population trends, or other strategies such as drug rehabilitation initiatives. The research established that the group of experts in Yogic Flying was the key factor in reducing crime.

The full creative potential of everyone as the most important national resource

In every field of national life, our most important resource is human creativity and intelligence. The effective and intelligent use of all other resources depends on how we utilise the human potential of the nation. If we do not allow that potential to be expressed, then no amount of finance or material resources can ever compensate. Yet, at present, we do little to cultivate this precious resource.

Let us give two illustrations:

Firstly, it is well known in modern psychology that we generally use only a very small fraction of our full creative potential, perhaps around 5%. Little or no systematic attention is placed on this factor in education. Therefore, individually, in every organisation, and in the country as a whole, we are acting with only about one twentieth or even less of our full capacity. We cannot even begin to calculate the resulting loss to progress, happiness and prosperity.

The Natural Law Party regards the full development of the consciousness of every student as the fundamental of education; without focusing on this element, education is meaningless. The Natural Law Party advocates that the most effective method for developing the full creative intelligence of every student and teacher should be introduced throughout education. There is abundant scientific research showing that the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme is the most effective known method in this area and is therefore one of the programmes that the Natural Law Party will promote in education (see section on Education).

For all areas of administration, the Natural Law Party includes in its policies tested and effective programmes to unfold and use this most precious of all resources - the full creative potential of the whole population.

Another example is in the field of health. Every year, millions of people in this country unnecessarily suffer from serious illness and early mortality. This is simply because inadequate attention is paid to prevention in our health care service, and because we persist in using medicines and other forms of treatment that create serious negative side-effects, including major illness and death, even though there is abundant evidence to show that other effective methods are available that do not have these adverse side-effects. (By some estimates, about one third of all illness in developed countries is caused by medical intervention.) The loss to national life is again incalculable, even setting aside the unnecessary suffering and hardship experienced by millions of our population.

The Natural Law Party's health care policies focus on prevention and the use of the most effective health care programmes, emphasising the best of natural health care and thus avoiding many of the adverse and life-threatening side-effects of current methods of medicine (see section on Health).

Similar strategies are employed in all areas of administration, as outlined in the following pages.

Placing the health and happiness of everyone at the heart of politics

This emphasis on the expression of the full creative potential of every person means that the Natural Law Party places the health, happiness and fulfilment of everyone at the heart of politics. Currently, political parties place so much emphasis on administrative procedures and financial issues, that human factors remain a secondary concern of government. Inevitably, everyone is frustrated because the government does not appear to be concerned with their personal fulfilment. The Natural Law Party will remedy this unfortunate situation by introducing programmes that allow everyone to develop and express their full potential in their chosen field of life, and by making sure that life is always put before political, financial, or administrative concerns.

Prosperity on the ground of creativity and happiness

The primary target of a Natural Law Party government is fulfilment for every citizen. We recognise that the pursuit of wealth without inner happiness and stability exhausts the life of the nation.

Government has become so focused on financial issues that national life has become overtaken by the notion that economics is the basis of life. Almost every index of success is in financial terms; even the overall performance of the nation is in terms of its overall economic output rather than its quality of life. The whole field of life has become sacrificed for money.

The policies of the Natural Law Party remedy this imbalance, placing life at the basis of economics, and giving the foundation for true prosperity, which will naturally flourish on the ground of creativity born of happiness.

All-party government - bringing an end to conflict in politics

The Natural Law Party will introduce an effective form of all-party government. The current situation, in which only the ruling party has a real say in government, disenfranchises a large proportion (usually a majority) of the population. Opposition is built into the very process of government, resulting in a high level of inertia and seriously blunting the effectiveness of all aspects of government.

Until now, an all-party government would have been difficult, if not impossible, to implement due to the high degree of stress and incoherence in collective consciousness. By having as a priority the formation of A Group for a Government - a permanent group of experts in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme - the Natural Law Party will create an integrated national consciousness, on the ground of which a true all-party government can be formed, where the best minds from all parts of the political spectrum can make their contribution.

Using talented experts to run government departments

Another new feature of government that the Natural Law Party will introduce is to appoint creative and talented experts to run the various departments of government. Those who have demonstrated brilliant leadership in their careers, irrespective of their political allegiances, will be invited to head the relevant government departments. In this way, the most capable, experienced and gifted people can use their talents to bring success and fulfilment to the nation.

The five essentials of successful government

In order for government to secure its success, it must ensure that national life is in tune with Natural Law. The infinite evolutionary organising power of Nature will then be available for structuring the progress and fulfilment of all areas of life in the nation. Because life in the nation today is not lived in accord with Natural Law, government lacks the ingredients essential for successful administration.

There are five key elements that are at present missing from government and which should be introduced to bring the support of Natural Law to the individual and society. These five ingredients may be summarised as follows:


  1. The development of consciousness, which is provided by Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme, so that everyone can express their full potential and enjoy happiness and fulfilment in their daily life.

  2. Training everyone to assess the level of balance or imbalance in their physiology, so that they can gauge their state of health and take any necessary remedial action to avert illness. This is easily accomplished through a simple and easily learned method of self-pulse reading (part of Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health). Such a simple strategy will avoid untold illness and suffering, maintain good health throughout the population and also result in substantial savings in the health budget.

  1. Maintaining the collective health of the nation, through groups of experts in the coherence-creating
    technology of Yogic Flying

  2. Ensuring that the life of the individual and the nation are in tune with Natural Law, in the immediate environment and throughout the cosmos. Human life must function in harmony with its cosmic counterparts - the planets and stars - and any unfavourable planetary influences must be neutralised

  3. Making sure that town and country planning takes into account proper principles of Natural Law, so that one's surroundings at home and at work, and the whole environment, support and nourish life, health, and happiness. In particular, it is important to ensure that all government buildings and entrances to the country are in accord with Natural Law, to make sure there is no hampering influence on the good fortune of the population. For example, the orientation of government buildings is a crucial factor. According to the Vedic science of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, southern entrances, for instance, act as a steady drain on the good fortune of the occupants. (It is interesting to note that these principles are found in some of Britain's cultural traditions. In East Anglia, for example, right up to the nineteenth century, it was acknowledged that buildings should have their entrances to the east; south-facing entrances were avoided as creating undesirable effects.)

For a fuller description of these five elements currently missing from government, please see section on Health.


Support of Natural Law means good fortune

To raise the country out of problems, and to ensure the prosperity, progress and good fortune of the nation in the future, it is important that all areas of the knowledge of Natural Law are given proper attention, and all necessary programmes implemented to bring life in tune with Natural Law. The support of Natural Law means good fortune, both for the individual and for the nation as a whole. Support of Nature means: everything becomes favourable for unrestricted progress and smooth success. This has always been considered to be beyond the control of governments. Only the Natural Law Party has the policies to safeguard the good fortune of the nation; there is no way to rise above problems other than by bringing life in accord with Natural Law.


Natural Law Party government will prevent problems from arising

The Natural Law Party is offering a new definition of government. Any government worthy of the name government should have the ability to prevent problems. Otherwise, it is not a government; it is a football of situations and circumstances.

Any political party that cannot demonstrate that its policies will prevent problems and which cannot provide the scientific validation for the effectiveness of its programmes should stand aside and not present itself as a candidate for governing the nation.

It is remarkable that the old political parties, who have demonstrated their failure government after government, return to the population with the same agenda to ask for their vote yet again, and ask them to bear their incompetence for yet another term in office.

This irresponsibility should alert every voter to make his or her choice carefully, and only after gaining deep and thorough knowledge about each party. In the past, all parties had the same record of limited success on the basis of limited knowledge. Every voter now has a new alternative, the Natural Law Party, which offers the new element of flawless administration - the ability to govern as efficiently and perfectly as the government of the universe, Natural Law.

Good government means maintaining a strong, integrated national consciousness. Then negative trends will not arise, just as darkness cannot survive in the presence of light.

The Natural Law Party has the competence to maintain a strong influence of peace, positivity and harmony in Britain. The Natural Law Party will create a government that will indeed be a sovereign authority, in whose domain problems are easily resolved and further problems simply do not arise.

Britain's responsibility in the world family

Britain has traditionally been proud of its role on the international stage; the Commonwealth is a substantial forum for international affairs, and the United Kingdom has maintained its position in the United Nations as a permanent member of the Security Council.

However, we in the United Kingdom should be aware that the so-called "Security Council" is a place of competition to create and sell arms that wreak destruction around the world. Throughout the world it is common knowledge that these leading nations, who are also the main arms manufacturers, fuel many conflicts by supplying arms to both sides. The United Nations is a convenient vehicle for these nations to hide behind world opinion.

The reason for this behaviour is clear: the government can only act in accordance with the quality of national consciousness. If national consciousness is stressed due to the violation of the Laws of Nature by the population, it is inevitable that the government will also violate the Laws of Nature and become a source of negativity in the world.

Unfortunately, such negative action by the government also reflects on the quality of life in Britain. "As you sow, so shall you reap" is a well-known proverb in all cultures. When the government promotes the sale of arms in other countries, this automatically leads to increased violence, crime and terrorism in our own country.

The United Kingdom should lead the way in remedying this deplorable situation. Coherence must be created in the collective consciousness, and on this basis we must stop selling arms and instead become the purveyors of peace.

The Natural Law Party, having a presence in 50 countries, is making a strong stand to end the era of negativity and destruction produced by the sale of arms and other life-damaging merchandise, and to promote throughout the world a system of government that will restore the true dignity of life.


The Natural Law Party as a unifying force in world politics

The United Kingdom was the first country to see the formation of the Natural Law Party (in 1992, just before the General Election of that year). The party is now active in 50 countries, and three annual international conventions have been held. Because the Natural Law Party bases its policies not on political ideas, but on a practical, scientific approach, the Natural Law Party has universal appeal.

As a result, the Natural Law Party can itself be an important means to create unity and integration in the family of nations. Introducing Natural Law based programmes brings fulfilment to administration in each country; the universal principles of Natural Law apply to government everywhere. As the values of Natural Law rise in each country, harmony grows among nations.


Solving the dilemma in Europe - strengthening both sovereignty and unity

The present political battleground regarding the European Union is an expression of the need to reconcile two critical factors: unity and sovereignty. The widely-held opinion is that it is not possible to uphold both simultaneously; they are seen as mutually exclusive.

On the one hand, the growing unity in Europe has brought distinct advantages, such as the lifting of trade restrictions and the freedom of travel and residence. On the other hand, there is great alarm that Britain is rapidly losing its sovereignty, together with all the attendant risks that this involves. Already, it is clear that many of the rules and regulations devised and administered from Brussels are not in our national interest.

In reality, unity and sovereignty are not opposing concepts, they are complementary. Everywhere in Nature we see the co-existence of differences; opposite values are not at odds, they contribute to the richness of Nature.

This is because Natural Law has two complementary values: the universal value of Natural Law - which is the same everywhere and at all times, and the specific values of Natural Law governing the infinite multiplicity of forms and activities found throughout the cosmos. Everything in Nature has its sovereignty, and yet contributes to the unified wholeness of the universe.

This principle of Nature's functioning, when applied to the field of government, solves the apparent dichotomy of interest between unity and sovereignty in the European Union. The creation of coherence in the national consciousness and the implementation of Natural Law programmes in each area of administration ensure that life in each nation enjoys sovereignty based on the support of Natural Law, while creating a unifying influence among the nations of the Union. Furthermore, since the Natural Law Party is the only party that has an integrated and unified platform throughout the nations of the European Union, it is the only party in a position to act on the political level to integrate the need for sovereignty with the need for unity. Thus, the sovereignty of Britain and all EU nations will remain fully intact, while they work together harmoniously on matters of common interest.


A summary of the Natural Law Party's approach to government

The Natural Law Party's approach to government can be summarised as consisting of three main ingredients:

1. Bringing the support of Natural Law to the life of the nation by creating coherence in the national consciousness.

2. Implementing in each area of administration Natural Law policies and programmes that create maximum success, solve problems, and integrate the needs of that area with all other areas of administration.

3. Taking remedial measures to solve the pressing problems that exist now as a result of years during which the principles of Natural Law were ignored in the administration of the nation.


The Natural Law Party's role in safeguarding the health and security of the people

The Natural Law Party is always vigilant to ensure that any existing or new technologies do not pose any threat to our health and security, or even to our very existence. The Natural Law Party uses as a yardstick the concept of action in accord with Natural Law. This principle will be found throughout our Manifesto, in areas such as health, the environment and agriculture. If a method or technology used in a particular area is clearly violating the Laws of Nature, then sooner or later we can expect it to produce negative and unwanted effects in our lives and in the whole environment. Procedures that are in tune with Natural Law have the opposite effect: they nourish all of life.

One prominent example of this approach is the Natural Law Party's world-wide campaign for a moratorium on the introduction of genetically engineered foods. A careful scientific inspection of genetic engineering (which is in fact far too approximate and haphazard to be called "engineering") reveals that there are many potentially lethal dangers and uncertainties involved. There is a wide spectrum of hazards to human health, to the health and well-being of many species in the plant and animal kingdoms, and to the whole environment. Once a genetically-modified organism has been released into our environment, then, unlike a product on a supermarket shelf, it cannot be recalled.

Because it bases its position on scientific principles, the Natural Law Party is uniquely placed to ensure that our health and safety, together with that of our environment, are not compromised or jeopardised for any other interests. The Natural Law Party insists that policy on these important issues must be determined on the basis of scientific knowledge, not on opinion, and not on lobbying pressure from vested interests.


The Natural Law Party can create a perfect government

By introducing policies and programmes that unfold the full potential of human life and use the comprehensive knowledge of Natural Law to create progress and success in each field of administration, the Natural Law Party is confident that it can create a perfect government and a healthy, happy, invincible nation. We can generate a strong influence of positivity and integration, which will neutralise negativity and stress in the nation, and radiate a nourishing and positive influence in the world.

We are presenting this message of government through Natural Law with the conviction that it is based on reliable, practical, and profound knowledge. Under the nourishing care of Natural Law, the new government of the United Kingdom can be an exemplary government in the world, a guiding light in the family of nations. National consciousness will be free from stress and strain. Everyone will be able to fulfil their desires while naturally and spontaneously promoting the interests of the whole society.

Through the application of the complete knowledge of Natural Law, government can rise to be on a par with the Government of Nature - vested with the power to bring satisfaction to everyone and permanent peace to the world.


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