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Prevention of crime through education

Of the more than 500 scientific research studies on the benefits of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation, many studies document its effectiveness in increasing intelligence, creativity, and academic performance. In addition, studies show the following effects of this programme: growth of higher levels of moral judgement; reduction of dropout rate among disadvantaged young people; and reduction of drug abuse. These findings demonstrate that implementing this technology as a part of education will lead to greater educational achievement and prevent the problems of young people that are associated with the tendency towards crime.

reduced drug and alcohol abuse

Subjects who practise Transcendental Meditation showed significant reductions in all categories of substance abuse as compared to controls. Reference: International Journal of the Addictions, 12 (1977): 729-754; 26 (1991): 293-325.


Sample references: British Journal of Educational Psychology, 55 (1985): 164-166; Education, 107 (1986): 49-54; 109 (1989): 302-304; Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, 12 (1991): 1105-1106; Dissertation Abstracts International, 36 (1975): 4361A-4362A; 38 (1977): 3351A and 3372B; The Journal of Creative Behavior, 13 (1979): 169-180; International Journal of the Addictions, 26 (1991): 293-325.

Reduction of crime at the local and national levels through A Group for a Government

Extensive scientific research demonstrates that a large group of participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme reduces crime by reducing stress and creating an influence of coherence and harmony in the collective consciousness of society. The reduction of crime is immediate when the group is assembled, and crime reverts to its former levels when the group leaves. These findings indicate that for lasting reduction and elimination of crime, it is necessary to establish a permanent group of professionals to generate this influence of coherence in the nation and the world.

Sample references: Journal of Conflict Resolution, 32 (1988): 776-812; Journal of Crime and Justice, 4 (1981): 25-45; The Journal of Mind and Behaviour, 8 (1987): 67-104; 9 (1988): 457-486; Social Indicators Research, 22 (1990): 399-418; Dissertation Abstracts International, 50 (1989): 2203B; Social Science Perspectives Journal, 2(4) (1988): 127-146; Psychology, Crime and Law, 2(3) (1996), 165-174.

Creating a truly democratic government

If democracy is to be real, education must make the individual self-sufficient and enable him to fulfil his desires without jeopardising the interests of others. As long as law enforcement is necessary, government cannot truly be called democratic, since the very act of enforcement deprives the individual of his right to freedom. The government established by the Natural Law Party will be democratic in the full sense of the term, since it will uphold law and order simply by educating the population to think and act spontaneously in accordance with Natural Law and by preventing stress from arising on both levels, individual and collective. Such spontaneous compliance with law is the only way to maintain law and order. It will eliminate the basis of all crime, and crown the government with success. The wise voters of this election have the ability to choose whether to have effective law and order or to continue with the same old problems that have lingered on for generations.

Effective rehabilitation of maximum security prisoners

Transcendental Meditation has proved its success as a rehabilitation programme in maximum security prisons throughout the world. These studies demonstrate that through this programme inmates show reduced hostility and aggression, reduced stress and anxiety, improved behaviour, improved health, and improved mental health. Most important, in comparison to other rehabilitation programmes, reconviction rates are reduced by 40% among those who learn Transcendental Meditation.

In the African nation of Senegal, 11,000 prisoners and over 900 prison officers were instructed in Transcendental Meditation in 1987-1988 and as a result, reconviction rates dropped from 90% to less than 8%, reducing the prison population by half and allowing a number of prisons to be closed.

Sample references: Criminal Justice and Behavior, 5 (1978): 3-20; Journal of Criminal Justice, 15 (1987): 211-230; Dissertation Abstracts International, 34 (1973): 4732A; 43 (1982): 539B; International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice, 11 (1987): 111-132.

Prisoners on parole who had learned Transcendental Meditation while in prison had fewer new prison terms and more favourable parole outcomes each year over a five-year period after release than matched controls. Reference: Journal of Criminal Justice, 15 (1987): 211-230.

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