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Nourishing and saisfying all levels of life

The structure of the perfect Government of Nature has three levels of hierarchy.

The authority and power of the top level of hierarchy is available to each level. Each level of hierarchy enjoys all authority and power of all the other levels.

This is how perfect co-ordination and eternal order is maintained throughout the ever-expanding universe by the supreme level of hierarchy of Nature's Government (Unified Field of Natural Law) and by diversified fields of Natural Law.

The hierarchical structures of man-made governments in each country derive their theme of administration from this eternal hierarchical structure of Nature's Government.

Level 1
Government of the UNIVERSE


Infinite organising power of Cosmic Intelligence - Unified Field of Natural Law
- governs the WHOLE universe with perfect order.

Level 2
Government of the SOLAR SYSTEM

Solar System

Infinite organising power of the Government of the Universe (first level of hierarchy) governs the solar system (Part of the Universe) through the life-giving, all nourishing sun (a specific expression of the Unified Field of Natural Law).

 Level 3
Government of Natural Law on our PLANET EARTH


 Infinite organising power of the Government of the Universe (first level of hierarchy) through the government of the solar system (second level of hierarchy) administers life on Earth (PART of the solar system) through diverse Laws of Nature which sustain all life on earth and give rise to different geographic and climatic conditions, which in turn give rise to different races, languages, cultures and religions.

 Level 4
Government of a NATION


The eternal hierarchical structure of administration of Nature's Government (levels 1-3), being the system of organisation of evolution of life in the universe, naturally evolved into the system of ruling human society.

This gave rise to a tradition of rulers of the world who derived their ideal of administration from the nourishing power of the life-giving sun which nourishes all life on Earth.

  • This tradition exemplified the total system of Government through Natural Law in the three levels of hierarchy:
  • Total potential of Natural Law governing the whole universe (level 1)
    A specific value of Natural Law governing a part of the universe (level 2)
  • Different Laws of Nature governing diversity of life on Earth and all human behaviour (level 3)


All these levels of hierarchy of the Government of Nature must be lively in the administration of every government in the world, in order that the government is supported by Natural Law and is as efficient as the perfect Government of Nature - free from problems and failures.
If this total hierarchy is inaccessible on the human level then chaos will prevail rather than natural order.

All levels of hierarchy of the Government of Nature should always be available to support any government in the world.

As long as the total potential of Natural Law of all levels of hierarchy of the Government of Nature is lively in all levels of hierarchy of man-made governments, then those governments enjoy the support of the infinite organising power of Natural Law in the administration of human society.

The conclusion is that Natural Law governs all life

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