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NATURAL LAW is the intelligence and infinite organising power that silently maintains and guides the evolution of everything in the universe. The activity of every grain of creation and of every level of Nature -- from the tiniest sub-atomic particle to the vast galaxies -- is governed by Natural Law with perfect efficiency so that everything in the universe functions with perfect precision and is in perfect co-ordination with everything else.

Administration through Natural Law

The Natural Law Party brings to politics the knowledge through which human life can be raised to the same level of perfection with which Natural Law eternally governs the entire universe. Every individual and every area of society can enjoy the effortless skill in action that characterises Natural Law itself.

The speciality of the candidates of the Natural Law Party is their expertise in the field of Natural Law. They have become familiar with the deepest knowledge of modern science, which has revealed the Unified Field of Natural Law -- the unified field of intelligence underlying all forms and activities in the entire universe. In addition they have recognised that this field of intelligence is available in human life in the field of consciousness, and they have become experts in the practical programmes that enliven and utilise this fundamental intelligence of Nature for the good of mankind. It is these unique capabilities that make the Natural Law Party competent to offer fulfilment in all areas of society.

Problems arise through violation of Natural Law

The infinite variety of problems facing the life of the individual and the different fields of national administration results from violation of the laws of nature. When we do not act in accordance with Natural Law, the automatic result is stress, frustration, sickness, crime, violence, and all the other forms of negativity that beset society.

Life in accord with Natural Law - the solution to all problems

Since all problems have the same universal origin, they all have the same universal solution: restoring life to be fully in accord with Natural Law. All the programmes advocated by the Natural Law Party are designed to eliminate the violation of Natural Law in the different fields of the life of the nation and to create success in every field by bringing life in harmony with Natural Law.

Scientific principles and scientific research

The Natural Law Party is unique in that its programmes and policies are firmly based on the most profound scientific principles of Natural Law and are validated by abundant scientific research. The benefits of these programmes are confirmed by over 500 scientific research studies, conducted at leading universities and research institutes around the world and published in leading scientific journals. These scientific studies clearly demonstrate the benefits for the individual and the nation that would result from the implementation of the Natural Law Party's programmes in all areas of governmental responsibility.

No other political party can claim either that its programmes are based on this deep understanding of Natural Law or that there is any scientific verification of the practical value of its programmes. Indeed, where is the political party that can justifiably claim even that its programmes are effective?

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